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Linux is one of the BEST operating system in the world.

Re-invention of the wheel is a serious crime. If you are found re-inventing the wheel then you are in very serious trouble. Duplicate efforts are costing the computer world millions of man-hours. Human beings are creating hundreds of Operating systems. Linux is there and just keep on using it! Do not waste your time re-inventing the wheel. By the year 2003, the whole world may be 100% linux. The WORLD ECONOMY RUNS on Linux

"Linux NOW" has the following sections:-

Main site :? Mirrors sites at : Webjump , Angelfire , Geocities , Virtualave, 50megs, theglobe, NBCi, Terrashare, Fortunecity, Freewebsites, Tripod, Spree, Escalix, Httpcity, Freeservers

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Wear the bullet-proof vest and fasten your seat will face heavy machine gun firing of marketing bullets :-))


LINUX (UNIX) is a International Standard (ISO) POSIX compliant operating system
SECURITY TOOLS : You must give TOP PRIORITY for system security and privacy!!!
Firewalls : Security of system is very important. Firewalls DO NOT provide 100% security but at least reduce the chances of attack by 75%. To prevent external attacks from crackers, Linux has
Builtin-Firewall: For linux kernel versions from and above 2.4, the firewall and IP Masquerading can be built inside the kernel itself. See Kernel howto
Open-source: GTK Firewall Control Center gfcc, Ifiunizh Sinus and main site, Falcon firewall falcon, Mason (types of TCPIP) mason, firewall*.src.rpm, Floppy based floppy-firewall.
Commercial: Visualroute visual route rated 5 stars(the best), Netmax server Netmax Firewall Suite rated ?, Trustix corp XSentry Firewall rated ?, Phoenix Adaptive Firewall4linux rated 4 stars, Stormix Tech corp Stormix , and read review of Stormix , Tzolkin corp TzoPerl rated 4 stars, Sane Solutions corp NetTracker rated 4 stars.
Documentation: Security howto, Firewall howto, Security PortalLinux security, Firewall FWdocs , Guido Stepken's Handbuch, Google Firewalls Google FW, Security portal's sportal
Lower grade - NOT recomended: PMFPMFirewall, GSgShield, PTptfire, KNFKNetFilter, ECEasyChains, GDGuardDog, CP CDDBP Proxy, DT Dante, GL GateLogin, IF IP Filter, MLF MkLinuxFw, ST Saint, FS FireStarter, PW PWall, SNL Solosoft NP-Lite, IMA IpMasqAdm, LF LnxFire,

Large Enterprise Solution for Commerce/Busiess: Linux runs on very large mainframe computers like IBM S/390 and Sun sparc, Digital Alpha super-computers. Visit IBM Linux (Big blue IBM is the World's LARGEST LINUX Company). All fortune 500 companies and national Governtments should contact IBM corp for Linux needs. See also .
Real life large Business/Enterprise Case: is now using IBM servers running a Linux operating system for Web serving. Danish telecom giant Telia replaced dozens of Sun Web servers with a single IBM mainframe running Linux, as did Venezuelan bank Banco Mercantile. Read details at Yahoo News

Clustering of cpu boxes(Super-computers): Linux has Beowulf Project rated 1st, TurboLinux Turbocluster rated 2nd, VA Vacuum rated 3rd, LifeKeeper rated 4th.

DESKTOP Solution:

Microsoft Windows for linux : Linux has COMMERCIAL Tools: Vmware rated 1st, Win4Lin rated 2nd, WABI rated 3rd.
OPENSOURCE Tools: PLEX86(Open-source) rated 1st, Bochs Emulation rated 2nd, VNC rated 3rd, WINE rated 4th. These packages run most of MS Windows 3.1, Win32 programs inside linux window.With Linux, using VNC package you can run win32 programs remotely on Window95/NT box programs and display on your local linux box inside Linux. Details see VNC

Microsoft Windows BIOS : Install Windows 95/98/NT/2000 on top of Linux running the Vmware BIOS emulator vmware site or PLEX86 or Win4Lin and you can run MS Windows98/NT on top of linux!!

MSDOS for linux : Linux has Dr. DOS from Caldera which runs most DOS programs inside a linux window. See also DosEmu (DOS-Emulator) package, XDosEmu and also get FreeDOS (MSDOS clone) from FreeDOS and more-click-here.

Microsoft Win95 Desktop : Linux has - KDE Qt based, GNOME Network Obj Model, Ximian desktop, Eazel web-desktop, ChilliWare desktop applications. KDE desktop is IDENTICAL to Windows95 interface+ good points from OS/2 and Mac. KDE, Ximian or GNOME desktop is strongly recommended. Triteal CDE, Lesstiff - A industry standard Motif tool and Windows Afterstep, Windowmaker (NeXTstep-lookalike), QVwm, GNOME, fvwm95 (Windows95-lookalike), amiwm (amiga), mlvwm (mac) etc. andmore-click-here.

Microsoft Office suite: Linux has followin office suites -
The best and top rated suite seems to be 'StarOffice' from Sun Microsystem. StarOffice runs even on MS Windows95/NT/2000!! Expect billions of downloads of StarOffice. Sun Microsystems is giving heavy competition to Microsoft using StarOffice!! The best open-source suite seems to be KDE Office.
      Rated 1st Sun Microsystem's StarOffice,
      Rated 2nd ApplixWare Office,
      Rated 3rd WordPerfect Office for Linux,
      Rated 5stars Cybozu Office,
      Rated 4stars TeamWare Office,
      Rated ? Hancom Office from Korea,
      Rated 4th KDE KOffice,
      Rated 4th Gnome-office,
      Rated 5stars Open Office,
      Rated 5stars Siag Office and mirror-site,
      Rated 5stars GWP,
      Rated 4stars AbiWord Office,
      Rated 4stars Andrew Office and ftp site ?
      Rated 4stars Evolution
   Other Tools: on linux cdrom, SGML Tools for Sgml Windows NT, Jclark's Jade, Latex project's LaTex, and more-click-here.

Microsoft Word : See Microsoft Office in this page, which has Wordprocessors. Linux has Corel Wordperfect (WordPerfect is the BEST Linux wordprocessor), KDE KWord, LyX, xdvi, Xword, Adobe Acrobat reader, FrameMaker, LaTex, SGML Tools SGML Tools for Windows NT, Jade, JadeTex, Maxwell. Office suites like StarOffice, Applixware, Andrew AUIS include word-processors and more-click-here.

Microsoft Powerpoint : Linux has KDE/Gnome Office which has presentation program KPresenter.
Corel Draw/Adobe Illustrator : Linux has KDE KIllustrator and Corel Draw

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets: See Microsoft Office in this page. Linux has KDE KOffice KSpread, TeaPot, WingZ and GreyTrout NeXS and more-click-here.

Microsoft Project : Cybozu Office has CB Project, OpenSched Project, Linas Project search for "Project Management", Project Management software and tutorials, KProject of KDE KOffice.
Bug Tracking, Asset Management, Help-Desk Automation, Workflow and Project Management: Linux has Project Mgt. tools at

Microsoft Schedulers, Calendars: See Microsoft Office in this page. Personal scheduler, calendar see ICal X-based and more-click-here.

Visio: Linux has Dia at Dia Charting, Diagramming , AutoCAD like package which replace visio is at LinuxCAD and chart and diagram application KDE KOffice KChart and Gnome Office and more-click-here.

Microsoft Desktop Publishing : Linux has Ice Sculptor desktop publisher, SGML tools , SGML Tools for Windows NT, LaTex, Jade, JadeTex, FrameMaker, Corel office, Applixware, StarOffice and more-click-here.

Instant Messenger/Communication/Collaboration Tool: Linux has rated 1st, GAIM rated 2nd, Ultimate Bulletin Board rated 3rd, Lotus Domino R5 rated 4th, GICU rated 5th all of these do instant email messaging/alerts for AOL/Yahoo email messages.
For Yahoo email download the Yahoo messenger.
Bullentin Boards/Discussion Forums: Linux has PhpBB rated 1st (the best), BlazeBoard rated 2nd, Phorum rated 3rd, W-Agora rated 4th, NeoBoard rated 5th, Forum rated 6th, BestWeb rated 7th, XMB rated 8th.

Microsoft Outlook, Mail, Lotus Notes, CCMAIL : Linux has Evolution a groupware/messaging system, Netscape Communicator 4.05 (Message Center),? Infusion (Citadel UX Comm server), ZMail(GUI), UMT(Ultimate Mail Tool), xfmail(GUI), kmail, exmh (GUI) and at beedub site, xmh (on linux cdrom), xcmail, Balsa GNOME mail client, Soma, privtool, pine, list of mailtools and more-click-here.
Microsoft Outlook (Web based email systems) : Linux provides a highly cost effective, feature rich, robust and secure Email system customized to your needs. Email components you should use are:

Microsoft Access: Linux has PostgreSQL

Microsoft Scheduler/Personal productivity tools: See the Personal productivity? Tools at top web-site given on top of? this page. and more-click-here.

Microsoft Explorer(FileManager) : Linux has Nautilus a graphical file manager and KDE file manager KFM, GNome filemanager, Midnight Commander and more...

Accounting Software : Linux has Kontor - Enterprise Accounting for large companies, ERP system for enterprise, SQL Ledger Accounting general, Gnu Cash Accounting s/w, Business Management Software for accounting, Accounting & Business Software Quicken s/w, Money Dance Personal Finance software, IQ Accounting generic, AccountiX a/c software, Retail Accounting Point of sale s/w, Proven Choice generic, ABS systems and see also Chris Browne's Page


Web based Email (serious competitor to Microsoft Outlook): Linux has Postaci rated 1st(the best), SquirrelMail rated 2nd, IMP Horde (horde rpm and imp rpm) rated 3rd, 6XMailer rated 4th, Netmania mail rated 5th, NOCC rated 6th, KMail rated 7th, Mail2Php rated 8th and, and Tappy.

Web Search Engine Software: Linux has mnoGoSearch rated 1st (the best), PHP sitesearch rated 2nd, PHPDig rated 3rd, DGS rated 4th, PHP search rated 5th, PHP mysql rated 6th, DBFSearch rated 7th.

Web Portals: Linux has ezPublish rated 1st (the best), phpWebsite rated 2nd, Drupal rated 3rd, PHP-Nuke rated 4th, Mambo rated 5th, Backend rated 6th, GeekLog rated 7th

Web Poll/Survey module: Linux has Advanced Poll rated 1st (the best), Sympoll rated 2nd, PHP Rate rated 3rd, ActionPoll rated 4th, PHPesp rated 5th, PHPpicture

Bullentin Boards/Discussion Forums: See Instant Messenger above.

PHP Form classes: Linux has Form Processor rated 1st (the best), Phorm rated 2nd, VinceMail rated 3rd, NadForm rated 4th, OpenFormGen rated 5th, OO PHP form rated 6th SuperForm rated 7th SForm rated 8th.

Menus and Sub-Menus for Web: Linux has

PHP Calendars: Linux has LucidCal rated 1st (the best), myPHPCalendar rated 2nd, WebCalendar rated 3rd, Cascade rated 4th, Rosenet rated 5th, EventCal rated 6th, CSTcal rated 7th, MyCal rated 8th, phpMyAgenda rated 9th, cal2 rated 10th.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Linux has Netscape Communicator (which has Web-browser, Email, Newsreader, Html editor !!!),? LynX, Kfm (KDE Filemanager 'Konqueror'), Mosaic, Amaya, Arena, Sun Microsystem Hotjava, and more-click-here.

HTML Editors Dreamweaver, Homesite : Linux has Quanta rated 5 stars excellent, Anfy rated 5 stars, Bluefish rated 5 stars, Coffeecup HTMLEditor++ rated 5 stars, IBM Homepage Builder rated 5 stars, Webmaker rated 5 stars and download here, WML off-line HTML gen toolkit (rated 5 stars), Amaya rated 4 stars, or use 1st Page 2000 rated 1st(the best), Cool Page rated 2nd, Arachnophilia rated 3rd, Dreamweaver, Homesite via Vmware (or PLEX86 or Win4Lin) and more-click-here.

Web-Application-Server MS Interdev: Linux has WebApplication server at Roxen (Pike C++ script language) rated 1st, Zope (Python) rated 2nd, Enhyra (Java) rated 3rd, Mason rated 1st(perl), SmarWorker rated 2nd(perl), WIRM (Perl), Velocigen (Perl), Midgard (PHP), PortalSphere (C++,CORBA), OpenACS (Tcl), PostgreSQL - Web Application Servers chapter, IBM SASH (SashScript,HTML,XML) and more-click-here.
BEA Weblogic: Linux has open-source Web Application server at JBoss. Also BEA Weblogic runs on Linux.

E-commerce Software Suite: Linux has open-source Akopia Interchange e-commerce suite and Zelerate AllCommerce e-commerce. Both Akopia and Zelerate are written in PERL language.

Web-scripting Microsoft ASP: Linux has PHP at PHP also runs on MS Windows and Mac OS!! See the PHP howto doc for details. Linux also has JSP at Apache Jakarta project and Enhydra Java Web-app server and see also Sun JSP site

Web Content Management: Linux has Midgard Content Mgt software at Midgard-project

Microsoft Internet Web server: Linux has Apache, Raven SSL, C2Net Stronghold, Netscape iPlanet Enterprise, Roxen Challenger, Netscape Fasttrack, Sun Microsystem's Java Web server (all these are on linux cdrom) and more-click-here.

Microsoft JAVA : Linux has Java IDE JBuilder from Borland Corp rated 1st, Sun Microsystems Forte rated 2nd, FreeBuilder, JEditor, Tools from Blackdown, JccWarrior, Wipeout, Vibe, SunMicrosystem Java Workshop for Linux, SuperMojo, JForge, Emacs JDE and more-click-here.

CORBA (Component Programming) : Common Object Request Broker Architecture at CORBA . GNOME's Bonobo component project and GTK toolkit is at Gnome Bonobo and KDE component programming is in Kparts.

Web Enhancement utilities : See Just Buttons for graphic button themes and Best Email Software

SERVER Solution:

Microsoft SQLserver (RDBMS Database) : Linux has these databases -
PostgreSQL? (Rated 1st (best). This is on Linux cdrom)
Oracle SQL? Rated 2nd, see also? WGS corp
MySQL RDBMS server? (Rated 3rd. From SWEDEN)
IBM DB2 (Rated 4th. From IBM Corp)
Sybase SQLserver rated 5th
Informix rated 6th , see also ctonline
Solid RDBMS, Solidtech? (from Finland)
Adabas (from Germany)
Yard SQL (from Germany)
Empress (from USA)
Interbase (from Borland Corp USA)
Recital FoxPro and FoxBase RDBMS (from Recital Corp USA)
And more-click-here.

Microsoft Exchange (E-Mail server): Linux has Sendmail rated first, Communigate Pro rated 2nd, HP OpenMail rated 3rd, Lotus Domino R5 rated 4th, qmail, smail, exim, exmh package (mail-user-agent) more-click-here.

Netscape Calendar Server: CyberScheduler from crosswind and more-click-here.

Network Management and MS Windows95/NT networking with Linux : Linux has SAMBA rated 1st, on linux cdrom samba*.rpm, Enlighten DSM rated 2nd, Novell NDS for Linux rated 3rd, CA MasterIT rated 4th, and connect linux boxes to Novell Netware LAN with MARS-NWE.


Microsoft Winzip : Linux has gxTar which does unzip, zip, tar, untar, bzip and bunzip etc.. See main site of gxtar and more-click-here.

FTP GUI client : Linux has Igloo FTP-Pro (Igloo is the BEST ftp tool), Gftp , AxY FTP , lftp , Midnight Commander , Kftp , KBear, and more-click-here.

FTP client from Linux to Windows : Linux provides ftp connections to Windows thru Ftp Voyager rated 1st (the best), Cute FTP rated 2nd, WS Ftp rated 3rd, Ftp control rated 4th.

IRC Client : Linux has X-Chat IRC client which does IRC 'Internet Relay Chat'

Web Downloader : Linux has Web Downloader for X which makes downloading of files from internet easy. You will using web downloader very extensively to download entire directory/files with just one click!!!

ICQ : Linux has GNOME ICQ which is Internet based communication program which makes use of ICQ protocol.

Backup and Restore Utility: Linux has COMMERCIAL Tools: Arkeia rated 1st, Bru (EST Corp) rated 1st (Tie), ArcserveIT 6.61 rated 2nd, Lone-Tar rated 3rd, Ctar , PerfectBACKUP+
OPEN-SOURCE FREE Tools: Amanda (rated the best) and mirror site, FTape , Taper , Xtar , KBackup and more here .

3-D Application(Graphics, Animation): Linux has NaN Blender (rated the best)

Graphics Application: Linux has gif2png (rated the best) and PngCrush (alro rated the best) more here.

Web Client - Internet JunkBuster proxy: Linux has Internet JunkBuster (rated the best)

Embedded Development Tool: Linux has MicroWindows (rated the best)

Real-Time Tool: Linux has RedBoot (rated the best)

Multimedia Applications - MP3 music: Linux has XMMS rated 1st, Grip rated 2nd, LAME rated 3rd, Icecast rated 4th, Freeamp rated 5th and more-click-here. See also MP3-howto. Linux can also run the best mp3 package of Win32 under wine CDex rated 1st in MS Windows.
Open-source gnu/gpl MP3 music: Linux has Vorbis and read MP3 competition.

Music Applications - MP3 music: Linux has following MP3, Wave, encoders, decoders, streaming and other music application software at HitSquad and Dan's MP3 page go here and click on 5'start. See also MP3-howto.

Graphic Tools - Adobe Photoshop (Image Editor) : Linux has Gimp rated 1st, Blender NaN rated 2nd, Sketch rated 3rd, CorelDraw rated 4th, Compupic rated 5th. Dupont ImageMagick and more-click-here.


UML case tool (Unified Modelling Language): Linux has (UML tools based on Booch, Rambaugh and Jacobson) KUML, University of California's ArgoUML, Java based UML ElixirCase, Symantec UML StructureBuilder, Objects by design UMLtools, Gnu Java UML Fujaba, Comparison of 40 UML tools Jeckle Comparisons, Together/J UML TogetherJ, Rational Rose Rational UML, UML specifications OMG org uml spec, Michael Thomas UML notes UML - Michael, UML info Lut univ, and BoochReference

Scientific/Commercial Applications: Linux has scientific/commercial applications at SAL KachinaTech

Microsoft Visual Basic: Linux has Object oriented PIKE a C++ scripting language, Object oriented PYTHON, GB(Gnome Basic), PERL-Tk, PERL-QT, VisualTCL, SpecTCL. Perl-Tk, Perl-Qt also runs on Windows95/NT. Write once? using Perl-Tk and run it on all unixes, Linux , Windows95/NT,? OS/2, AS/400, Netware and Apple Macintosh. PIKE C++ scripting or PYTHON is strongly recommended. And more-click-here.

Microsoft Visual C++ : Linux has KDevelop C++ , PERL-Tk, PERL-Qt, QT application framework C++ QtEZ at QtEZ site and at Troll corp VIBE at Vibe site, Code Crusader, Redhat GNUPro, Redhat Source Navigator, Redhat Insight, WipeOut, RHIDE, C-Forge XWPE - X Windows programming environment, Xemacs, Gnome, GNU C Compiler (C, C++, Objective-C) and more-click-here.

Microsoft Notepad/Wordpad : Linux has CRisp, Vim, vi, NEdit, Jed, EMACS, Joe, Elvis and several more on cdrom and more-click-here.

CAD : Linux has AutoCAD like LinuxCAD, CAD from Google category, FreeDraft 2D-CAD? Email: Cliff, GNU Plotting utilities, Silicon Graphics OpenGL ?Email: Debbie, ?Ballistics Lab BrlCAD, ?
AC3D ?ApplixWare CAD and see on Linux cdrom CAD libraries - Mesa 3D graphics, EZWGL, GGI graphics.
Electronic CAD: ?
CPU design, ICdesign, VLSI Design, ASIC design is at KachinaTech
?****Freedom 64-bit CPU is here!!!? F-CPU and mirror sites at euro.f-cpu and f-cpu.dyn
SpiceCAD, MicroStation CAD, SisCAD, and more-click-here.

Intersolv PVCS (Source Code Control System): Linux has RCS and CVS SCCS and more-click-here.

Progamming languages : Linux has C/C++ with CVS system, PIKE C++ scripting, PYTHON scripting, Java, Lisp, Fortran, Perl, Pascal, Intel X86 assembler, awk, sed, korn shell, zsh, bash, tcsh, Tcl/Tk, Prolog, Rexx, Smalltalk, SQL, yacc, flex, Ada, COBOL and hundreds more on cdrom,? and more-click-here.

Debugging Tools : Linux has XXgdb "C" debugger, Memory debuggers like mem_test*.rpm package, Electric Fence other commercial tools like Insure++, Purify and others.


Computer Games : Linux has Hundreds of computer games like chess, doom etc.. on linux cdrom Quake Arena III rated 1st, Heavy Gear II rated 2nd, Unreal Tournament rated 3rd, Xbill rated 4th ? and more-click-here.

General X-Applications : Linux has vmware rated 1st, Win4Lin rated 1st (tie), Netscape Navigator rated 2nd, Gnumeric rated 3rd, Alladin Ghostscript rated 4th, Abiword rated 5th.

Controversial Products : Which generated lots of flame in news-media DeCSS break encryption on DVD rated 1st, GNapster rated 2nd, Gnutella rated 3rd, XMAME rated 4th

More Linux programs : Go to Tucows site and SELECT Linux from drop down list and then enter a keyword.

Comprehensive Linux Apps : Lists 3D, Newbies guide, Admin, Games, Office, Apps, Audio, Portals, Hardware, and several more.... Linux Start Guide site

More Linux Packages : Visit the site mentioned on top of this page. Also see the description of all 1800 packages using the command
? rpm -qip /mnt/cdrom/some_package_name*.rpm? (See also 'man rpm')
? find /mnt/cdrom -name "*.rpm" -exec rpm -qip {} ;? | less ? (Note: space between } and )

See man less, find. f(pagedown), b(pg up),? j(line-down), k(up), / (search)


Linux applications are at :
? blatura linapps (You MUST visit this site FIRST, before searching anywhere!!)
? Singapore linapps? (Mirror site SINGAPORE)
? Japan linapps? (Mirror site JAPAN)
? Korea linapps (Mirror site KOREA)
Linux newsgroups are at comp.os.linux.*
Linux C.O.L.A? is at : Linux COLA (archive of newsgroup comp.os.linux.announce)


You can buy linux cdrom for $2?from one of following web sites - Recomended distribution is Linux Mandrake, SUSE, Redhat in the order listed.
LSL Cheapbytes Linuxcentral Caldera
Linuxmall Redhat Suse ? LinuxMandrake and students in Asia purchase at GTcdrom, Bangalore, INDIA

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